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Thread: Opinions Needed!!!

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    Default Opinions Needed!!!

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    Very nice piece hardly faultable perhaps a few too many dutch tilts for my liking, remember less is more.

    The shot at 2:22 was a bit soft ie not focused well. I loved the change in colour of the time laps at 2:24 - 2:32 good catch.

    Again very nice and well cut to the music.

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    Midnight Blue Productions - Thanks for the insight! I'm such a rook at all of this but I've been learning from artists such as yourself, Tim, and a few others on this site. I want to be one of those great companies putting out amazing
    pieces of work that make people gasp. Thanks for your time spent responding to this video. In time I'll pick up enough tips and advice from you to put together the ideas that i truly have set in my mind! Thanks again.

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    Love it! Great work.

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    Love the voice, and the video is a good pace, I think you portrayed plenty of emotion. I did hear an audio 'click' at 0.52, but that may be something to do with vimeo being embedded?

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    I'm such a rook at all of this
    Not when you're producing this standard your not.

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    I enjoyed it. Some really beautiful imagery!
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