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Thread: Black Bars on the Top and Bottom

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    Default Black Bars on the Top and Bottom

    Hey all, I decided to come here to ask for some help with this little issue that has been driving me nuts!

    Let me start off with saying recently I kind of 'upgraded' a little bit and went from using Vegas Platinum 8 to HD Platinum 10. Also I purchased a new camera, the Canon VIXIA HV40. I love the way everything looks. A step up from using a little camera like I was.


    I've just finished editing a little short clip, and i'm all ready to render. The project screen already has the two black bars on the top and bottom, and i'm guessing it because I'm using HDV tapes? Pretty much it was there after I imported from my camera.

    Here's the issue when I render it, the video comes out 'squished' I guess you could call it. My best explanation is that it took the widescreen that was in the project screen and added another widescreen to it. Basically making all of us look fat. I've tried messing with it, but it comes out the same way over and over. And i'm trying to get it to be in HD since the quality on my Project screen looks so good.

    As a new user of this camera, HDV tapes, and Vegas Platinum 10, Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    If you could provide you source footage, project & render properties it might helps us to help you. By the sounds of what you have said you might have the wrong pixel aspect ratio setting. Some cameras are not full HD 1920 x 1080 but 1440 x 1080 this means you need to change the pixles from square to 16:9.

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    When I get home I'll check and give those details, and to change the pixels, is that something I have to do with the camera itself?

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    No it's a render setting. When you have chosen your rende template. Click on the custom button you will see an option to change the pixel aspect ratio.

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    Sorry it took so long to reply, long day. ANyway glad I dont have to mess with the camera.

    I took some pictures so I can explain better, since i'm kind of bad at it.

    So heres my editing window, in this window the video looks fine, I dont mind the black bars, but dont care too much about them either: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

    Heres the rendering window after clicking 'Render As', I usually use WMV since I have used it since way back. If I need to render it as another thing I will: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

    I never had looked before so I clicked custom setting like you said i your post and found the pixel aspect ratio and thats what it has been set up as, guesing it needs to be changed?: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

    And this is how the final video project comes out: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

    Thats all I have to offer at the moment hope its enough!

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    The big missing piece of infomation is the size of the original footage. (Right click on the footage in Vegas and the properties box will come up the the size and frame rate). You need to find out what that is and then match your project properties to it. Then when rendering match it again. This will give you the best results. If you need to down scale it to put it on a DVD thats fine but match the aspect ratio or it will look squashed.

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    I went to my project media and right clicked the footage and selected properties and got: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

    I see the 1440x1080x12 and I thought I was setting it up that way, the only thing I see different is my framerate. I'm probably not seeing something.

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    Thanks for that last picture. So often it isn't the bit you are looking at which is the problem. Your render settings are fine and match your clip properties.

    The issue is your project is set up as 4:3! The clue here is in your media bin. The generated media (Sony Credit Roll 9) displays as 4:3. If your project was 16:9 it would look 16:9.
    Change your project properties to match your source footage and all will be well. (The quick way to ensure this is to go to File | Properies, video tab, click on the "match media properties" icon (top, far right) and navigate to yone of your clips.

    What has ahppened here is you have imported a 16:9 clip into a 4:3 frame. By default Vegas attempts to fit the whole image and so black bars appear top and bottom. When you render this as 16:9 Vegas simply squashes the image, black bars and all to fit.

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    Your render settings are fine and match your clip properties.
    Except for the frame rate.
    Well spotted.
    Thanks Tim

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    Sorry for the late reply but, Thank you guys so much! That worked perfectly and the video turned out great! I appreciate your knowledge so much right now haha.

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