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Thread: Rendering in avi vegas is cutting my film into 18min 47sec chunks

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    Angry Rendering in avi vegas is cutting my film into 18min 47sec chunks

    I'm using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 10.0 and trying to render a 1 hour + video in avi and yet I end up with 5 separate files, all of 18 min 47 seconds long (last one is 3 min 33 sec) or 4,188,397 bytes.

    Not a huge problem except that the cuts are in weird places and I'm not sure how to string them together again in DVD Architect so it plays as one continuous film (other than creating a playlist, but what to call the clips since they are all the same film?!).

    It took 5 1/2 hours to render last night and I'm reluctant to start the process again without knowing the problem.

    I'm eventually aiming to burn onto DVD (even though most clips are HD quality) so perhaps a different rendering format?

    Another issue possibly is a lack of disk space - to get around this I rendered the file onto an external hard drive which has plenty of space.

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    Do these 18min 47sec chunks happen to be about 4Gb in size. If you are using a 32 Bit system this is a limitation of the OS. Just a guess without knowing more info.

    If you plan to burn it onto a DVD then under the MainConcept "save as type" use the DVD Architect template to create an mpeg2 file this is best for what you want.

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    Midnight's post is along the right lines, but the 4GB limitation is not to do with teh Operating System but the File System on your hard drive. It sounds to me like your target drive is formatted under FAT32 rather than NTFS.

    Howvere, you don't need to redo it (unless you particularly want a single file for archive).

    Create a new project and put your avis in it end to end.

    Now do what midnight says and render using the DVD Architect template. This will create a file smaller than the FAT32 limit so you should be good to go.

    (This will be quicke than re-rendering your existing project to MPEG2 as there will be no processing required for edits/disolves/titles etc etc, just converting avi to MPEG2)

    When you're happy, convert your drive to NTFS - there's a free windows utility to do this.

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