Hey there. My names Nana and I'm a 21 year old female mc/rapper from east London. I have just recently set up my own independent record label and have also acquired a team of videographers who assist visually the artists on the label . I'm looking for in house video editors who do not mind working for free at the moment . I'm just looking for commited , creative individuals who won''t mind working for free for a little while until we establish a proper way of getting money involved.

I am also urgently looking for someone who would be able to produce a typography video for me within the next week if possible. It will also be beneficial if you have an interest in music such as grime, hip hop/rap, dubstep , r&b in general.

If you feel you may be interested in this please please email me at skitzov13@gmail.com so we can talk about it in more depth . And to check out some of my music visit www.soundcloud.com/​skitzo13

Look forward to hearing from you.