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Thread: I want to replace my face in own video? How to do it?

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    Smile I want to replace my face in own video? How to do it?


    I'm new here so if I miss the right threat to put this question please don't be to mad on me.

    As I say I film a movie from my HD camera (30sec long), no zoom, quite stable, no shaking, clear, etc. and now I want to replace my face in that video. It's like 10-12 second where I like to modify it.
    Face it's pretty static, no talking or anything else. Just another face (from another person) which will 'follow' my when I move.

    Can you please explain with which tool can I do it in Sony Vegas Studio? I don't really know where to search for tutorials because I don't know which function should I use for this (something like motion tracking?). Then I can look for some howto video on Youtube or similar.

    I have access of using Sony Vegas Studio and After Effects (if it's better for this job).

    Thank you very much...

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    AE is waaaaay better at this than even Vegas Pro. There's a great tutorial on this over at videocopilot

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