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Thread: Overlay question for Final Cut Pro 5

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    Default Overlay question for Final Cut Pro 5

    Ok guys, this is the story. I have an idea for a music video. It involves the singer standing in the foreground singing into the camera, and the band were going to be playing behind him but in slow motion. To achieve this I tried to shoot two subjects separately and overlay them afterwards before adjusting the timecode for the background subject. I tried to crop and feather the subject in the foreground but as I feared this didn't really work. I am thinking now that Green Screen is the only way forward in order to achieve the effect I'm after. Any ideas?

    If Green Screen is the only answer then where do I start?

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    We've done green screen with a very cheap kit before ( Don't have the link to it personally ) but in effect the kit was a large green sheet with a few tripod stands and a metal bar that joins the 2 tripods.

    For the simplest fix, buy a very large sheet that is yellow - pink - orange - green even blue, then light up the screen as much as the talent.

    In FCP, the keying tools will really knock out the colour for you and then you can simply drop the singer above the band footage and that would be that.

    Have you tried the 8-point garbage matte rather than just the motion crop tools? The garbage matte will let you get in nice and close and trim it to just the item you want separate but without seeing the footage maybe that won't work.

    I hope this is helpful to you.

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