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Thread: line recording on sony z1

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    Default line recording on sony z1

    hi , i am tomorrow hiring a sony z1 camera. the subject performing on stage is mainly talking and occasionally playing instrument. he has one microphone coming thru mix desk at rear. can i set up two microphones, one set for vocal, one set for the instrument(which is electric) and via mix desk record both into the z1 on different channels and thus onto separate channels on the minidv tape. i kind of remember a sound tech at college saying you could damage to equipment if wrong setting up of connections.

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    So long as you flip the line/mic switch for the right input you should be ok.

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    The mixing desk will usually output a line feed for you that will be a premix of both instrument and performers mic. Take a feed to your camera to one channel of your cam and use your cam microphone on the other channel for the ambient sound, mix in the edit to suit. As said use the line input on the channel the line feed is coming into. Hope this helps
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    thanks for the replys, got it sorted, was just a bit para i was going to damage the camera if i had it on wrong setting but its all good.

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