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    Rites of Loops - Rituals_been off

    Rituals is the first album of Rites of Loops. The producer MagZanoid and the dj AcThor One are showcasing here 15 smashing Tracks. They are using many style influences of electronic dance music and put it together in a Ritual of Sound. The essential expierence of each member, which are moving for a long time on the tracks of electronic dance music, is , these hypnotic and rythmic Sound that is the essence of this 15 Track album. A ritual dance character for the floors of this planet, modern and suitable for the actual Zeitgeist. Been of was chosen, because its showing the red thread which is detectable very clear.

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    Something rather strange must be happening to me. I quite liked the "music". It was reasonably listenable. Didn't think much of teh vid, but then again theres' little point in a vid for music if it's not illustrating the song or showing images of the band - and people twiddling knobs never made good film except in SciFi. Don't have a clue about the blurb you used above - The first couple of sentences make sense, then I thought it became pretentious clap-trap and finally it dissolved into a seemingly random selectio of words.
    Still, as I said, quite liked the music.

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    Sorry I thought the music and vid was pants.

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