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Thread: Affordable Glidetrack

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    Default Affordable Glidetrack

    I'm looking at buying a glidetrack for my Sony HXR MC2000E

    I am contemplating building one but they don't seem to be overly expensive so is it even worth making one? What should I be looking for? Second Hand maybe?

    All advice welcomed,


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    £330 for half a meter....... Nuts. I made mine for less than a hundred quid, it's just as smooth (I've used the real thing too), it's over a meter long only downside - it's heavier (more robust I'd say) and won't fit on a tripod...

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    Yeah I actually aw your blog about the home made glidetrack just after I posted this. I'd reckon I could manage what you did. Think I should go and try do it myself?

    Also regarding the tripod what should I be looking for? I am on tight budget but I'd prefer to have no tripod than a crap one!

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