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Thread: Adi Wiguna Broadcast Camera randika broadcast camera scam fraud alert!

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    Default Adi Wiguna Broadcast Camera randika broadcast camera scam fraud alert!

    A month ago i purchase my story begin when i browse tv bay auction
    You pay for product and the product is fake , they phone and ask you to pay for 4 more, you cancel order, refund never comes. Jakarta Indonesia Internet

    They offer a very good price, web site seems to be all well done.
    randika net adiwiguna com

    You say No and they offer to refund 80% of the price.

    An email is sent to you confirming the refund and asking for your bank details to transfer money back to you.

    Refund never arrives.

    No answer to your emails asking for refund.

    Telephone line is so poor you can't hear them.

    Fax's don't work.

    There is No mention on their site of a minimum of 5 units for any of their products.

    There is no mention of a minimum refund of 80% if you cancel order.

    All in all a very good scam.

    so far I have contacted 2 lawyers and their Salesman with out an answer.

    Live and learn but oh how I would like to burn.

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    Now some fake products more this is fraud.

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    Can i suggest that the first port of call is tv-bay directly. Firstly to make a point tv-bay is not, and never has been an auction. Its a contact making site where you can post items for sale and enquire about items you may see on the site. All transactions are done directly between buyer/seller with no involvement (logistical or commission) from tv-bay.

    That said we are here to help and are a very human company. We'll normally respond to emails within the hour and are available on the phone for a quick chat if you need us. We cannot offer any 100% assurances over sellers or buyers but we can tell you how long they have been registered with tv-bay, if we have had feedback from others plus other advice should yo uneed it which all helps when trading with unknown people.

    As soon as we become aware of a problem, whether it be "just a feeling" or in this case something much more then we will temporarily block the seller. This means that they are no longer able to log into their account and will be prompted to call tv-bay. We are also able to "hide" adverts until situations like this are resolved. Both of these actions have now been done for the case above until further info comes to light.

    Sadly there are as many fraudulent buyers out there as sellers but thankfully, mainly due to the vigilance of our users, we are not subject to many transactions that go wrong.

    Please though contact tv-bay in the event of a suspicion on either help"AT" or +44 1635 237237



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