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Thread: Canon 7D, Adobe CS and how to maximise video quality once exporting question

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    Default Canon 7D, Adobe CS and how to maximise video quality once exporting question

    First time poster, long time reader, so please go easy Ė you guys all started somewhere, now its time for me J

    Iíve done video editing for a while now, only as a hobby though, with consumer camcorders and basic editing software. I absolutely love doing it and now Iíve taken the step up to a 7D and been asked to do a music clip for a band (call it timing). By the way I am using Adobe CS4 and CS5.

    My questions (youíll have to excuse my vagueness Ė I am newb when it comes to the technical side) is what should I shoot it in? 60fps or 25fps? NTSC or PAL?. It would only be for Youtube and perhaps DVD/Blu-Ray to distribute elsewhere, but I still would like the highest quality possible, and from the past, thereís nothing worse than shooting in the wrong format Ė so I wanted to try get this right the first time. Hence my post

    What really confuses me is the loss of quality from the camera to online. I find that sometimes I have to import the footage (from other video cameras I have had Ė Sony and Canon MiniDVís, Panasonic HS300, GoPro Hero etc) into Premiere, edit the clips, export to a file, then import into AE and add effects, then export once more. Each time I try different formats and each time the quality differs but I seem to lose plenty of quality along the way. I know itís not simple but for this music clip I would like to learn a bit more beforehand, what the correct workflow would be to minimise loss of quality, so I am better prepared.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hey Alex,

    If you're shooting a film or want a cinematic look, you can shoot in 24p (NTSC). If you want to shoot music videos or commercials, you'll want to shoot in 30p.

    When using the 7D, you'll want to shoot in 1080p, (1920 x 1080). This is the highest HD resolution that this camera can shoot in.

    When exporting for the web, you'll want to export using the MP4 file format, with the H.264 codec. For the web, you can keep your data rate around 10 Mbps. If you're going to export for bluray, you'll want to keep your data rate around 35-45 Mbps.'

    I've got a video training site to help train people learn video editing and visual effects. Check it out, I know you will find it helpful. VidMuze

    If you have more questions, ask.

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