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Thread: Hollywood Undead - "Le Deux" Miusic Video (261 Remix)

  1. Default Hollywood Undead - "Le Deux" Miusic Video (261 Remix)

    This video is to help spread the new song created by EverStoned261 for the Hollywood Undead conest.. So i thought id help out and make a music video to help promote his remix!

    I tried to stick with just one video and cut the shit out of it.. But sadly i ran out of footage and had to use other video footage from previous shoots.

    Footage included:

    Been to Hell, Everywhere I Go. Coming in Hot

    Artist: Hollywood Undead
    Music Producer: EverStoned261 (Florian Krogmann)
    Edited by: Justin Everest

    Dark Skiez (EverStoned/Sound of Resistance) | Oldenburg, DE | Hip Hop / Rap / Orchestral | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

    Justin Everest – Bringing Ideas to Life |

    Contest Link - Studio Access: Hollywood Undead Remix Opportunity - Indaba Music
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