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    I'm not overly familiar with this software yet, but I've been able to hammer out some bugs. I have vegas studio 9.0. I don't know what this is called otherwise I'd search the help, but I'm trying to animate titles and images on the timeline, ie having them fly in or out, or drop in from the top etc. Does anyone know the name of function to do this, or is it possible? What would be great is to imitate flash, and this would involve being able to animate images or clips. Thanks!

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    To move things around you can use the Pan/Cop tool or track motion. If you a specifically looking at moving text have a closer look at the ProType Titler tool, you can do a lot of things with it. If it's just for a simple slide in or out use the position tab and key frames in the simple text editor. For a flash use a short piece of white media or a flash transition.

    As you can see there are many ways to do things in Vegas.

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    Yes, track motion may be what I'm looking for. I make titles in photoshop, then drop the backgrounds and save them as png files so the backgrounds are 100% transparent and they work great. I just want to move them is all. Plus, I'd like to move images as well. I'll mess around with track motion. I've played around a lot with the pan/crop and can position images elsewhere in the frame, but I'd like to actually animate them, to have an image glide across the screen for example. Thanks for your reply, I'll give this a shot!

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    For a simple movement of titles you could look for Generator / Text Roll ( available in Studio 11, maybe yours too). This allows text to roll like Film Credits, top to bottom/reverse OR side-side. However, it's not as flexible as doing track motion as previously suggested by MidnightBlue.

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