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Thread: 1k camera for interviews and event recording? Help!

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    Default 1k camera for interviews and event recording? Help!

    Hello all - this is my first visit and honestly I am now so baffled by the huge amount of - sometimes conflicting - advice that I thought I would just come out and ask if anyone had any suggestions for teh camera I need. Sorry if this is a bit of a *yawn* for you!

    I am responsible for filming short news interviews and clips of our ceremonies at the university where I work. Primarily the end product is for web uploading to sites like YouTube or Vimeo (but we do like to screen some work).

    Sound is an improtant factor so having all the usual inputs and outputs for good microphone work is a must - BUT our budget is just around the 1,000 mark.

    Our old HRV-A1E has given us sterling service but is starting to creak under the strain and amount of use and I also want to move to solid state if I can....

    I've been looking at the Sony HXR-MC50E but am not sure what else I should be looking at.

    Again I apologise for asking such a mundane question. But I am really getting shell-socked now by all teh advertising and retailer sales pitch blurb I've been bombarded with and just want a few concise pointers.

    Many thanks (you will be keeping my high blood pressure under control)!

    All the best - Steve

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    I don't think you'll go far wrong with that camera for that budget.

    Although I noticed it has a 3.5mm mic jack and you mentioned audio is important if you could afford a little more the Canon-XA10 has 2x XLR inputs with better audio control. And will allow you to easily run to channels of audio ie a couple of radio mics etc..

    Basically with the mainstream cameras panasonic, jvc, sony etc generally the more you pay the better the camera will be with the exception that some models have a hard drive version and a SDHC card version the latter tends to be cheaper and in my opinion would be the better option (more robust, better transfer rates at the expense of buying multiple cards depending on the length of footage).

    Hope that helps

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