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Thread: System Specifications for Video editing

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    Default System Specifications for Video editing

    What are the system specifications required for editing 3 hours Full HD video of 2K resolution.. and make that video to half an hour video..
    Please post reply..

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    Consult your software providers website for this sort of specification.

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    I gathered all specifications but i don't get clarity because i calculate each frame size like

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    i get confused with size of the video..
    i have calculated each frame size by using HD Resolution of 2048X1080
    hence for each frame i get 2211840 pixels.. also considered 24bit color format so for red,green and blue totally requires 3 byte..
    by that i get each frame size as 6.32MegaBytes (which came by multiplying pixels with color bytes)
    here i have 24frames per socond so totally require 151.8MB per second
    Please tell is my calculation correct or not?

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    The size of a Full HD Video is normally 1920 x 1080, 2k footage is 2048 x 1152, so I think you may be more mixed up than you even think you are.

    I would suspect unless the footage has come from a Pro camera like a Red One, the footage is probably just HD footage. You should go for a i7 level of processor with a nice graphics card. Go for the most powerful computer you can afford and you'll probably be ok.

    If you have a read of the Hardware section on this forum you will get a better idea.

    Hope this helps.
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    Is there any standard compression format for Full HD videos? if it is how much it will compress the raw video..?
    Please help i have been searching from last week but i didn't get clear information..

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    No there isn't a standard HD format unless it is for a specific purpose like making a Bluray disk.

    I like to use HDV for YouTube uploads but other like .mp4 or .mov or .wmv.

    You sound like someone who has read a little to much on the subject and gotten confused and started to over complicate things.

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    I don't have idea regarding the HD videos, their size and resolution..that is why i am confusing..
    How much size it will take for 3hours HD video of resolution 2k? by this i can get clarity and will come to know my assumption is right or not..
    please help me..

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    I'm not sure of what you want to accomplish. I don't understand why you need to know the size of 3hrs of footage. More infomation would help me help you. As a rough guide you could say 4 mins of full HD video will be 1 Gb file size but this is a very rough bench mark. So doing that x 3hrs is about 45Gb file size.

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    thank you so much

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