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    i am proficient with graphic design and web related work and very minimal video editing. I have a project i need done and it involves taking a moving object in the video and adding a static banner to the image and make it look like it is attached to the object while the object moves across the screen. I have a source that has quoted me the cost to do this but before i spent a couple hundred dollars for 30 secs of video i thought i may see if what i am attempting to do is difficult or easy. i have no idea, i would rather spend the same money on the correct software to do the editing myself if what i need done is considered a beginner type effect. A little insight would be great, a link to a tutorial would be awesome.

    I know it is annoying when people join a forum to ask a question that is easily searchable on Google but i have tried to search but i don't know exactly what im looking for, i tried the term overlay and that appears to be more watermark related. Thanks in advance.

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    Depending on how real you want it to look I would just pay the guy a few hundred dollars to do it. Track motion, which is what you have asked for is not the simplest of things to do for a novice. You could Google "Track Motion in After Effects" to give you an idea of what is involved.

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