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Thread: "The Farting" Horror Trailer parody

  1. Default "The Farting" Horror Trailer parody

    Warning: Dumb/fart humor, not for everyone.

    Please check out a video I just cut ... I originally shot it for a sketch called "Akward Moments", and as I was editing it, I played around with making it a horror trailer. I needed to practice sound design and coloring, so I figured what the heck. All the sound in the trailer is done in post except one line of dialogue.

    Feedback is appreciated!

    PlanetRain Productions

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    I don't know why but farting jokes cut across the whole age spectrum from my daughter who is 8 years old to my self who is fifty. I can't believe the last one.

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    lol!. that was funny did you have to do the foley on the farting?... the last one was a bit uncomfortably wet for my liking..

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    the last one was a bit uncomfortably wet for my liking
    That was the one than made Mrs M nearly fall on the floor laughing.

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