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    Hello all, This is my first post so be gentle lol. I'm a 84 year great grandmother. My question is I have some videos I'm trying to put on you tube for my family to see that does not live near me. I've read thru some things on Google but its just alot of information and to be honest I just get confused. I think I know the general things but just need a few pieces of advice.

    First I'm using (any video converter) to convert the rather larger files. What should I be converting to? I tried to do avi but I could not open that in Sony Vega. Then I tried mp4 that opened in Vega but the quality was very bad. What would you suggest to convert to and what video settings should I set it to like bit rate, frame etc..

    And two, I actually think I understand how to use Sony Vega I managed to add a audio track to one and it worked yay.. lol.. But what should I be rendering to when I'm done editing as far as the format. Sorry to bother you all but I appreciate you time.

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    First I need to know why you feel you need to convert your files before you put them into Vegas. Why no just put them striaght into Vegas ?

    Secondly again this depend on the video format ie High Definition or Standard definition. Vegas has many easy to use templates but the choise depends on unknown factors.

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    For a few of the videos I have I was able to put them in directly. But the ones I'm having trouble with are the Fraps one's. There almost 2 gigabytes and uncompressed Avi format.

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    You should still be able to put an uncompressed .avi into Vegas.

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    Ok thank you I'll try that this afternoon. I was just worried about uploading 2 gigabytes to you tube.

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    I didn't say apload 2 Gbs to YouTube, I said load the .avi file into Vegas then when you have done your editing. Render it as an mpeg2 SD or M2t HD. Just use one of the templates it's very easy.

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    OH ok, Thank you Midnight that was my main concern. What to actually render to from vegas.

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