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Thread: A Sunrise Surprise - Please critique this video! New to all of this.

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    Default A Sunrise Surprise - Please critique this video! New to all of this.

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    The music didn't fit the first scenes..on the bus it was night time yet the song was singing about the sunshine.. I am literal in my interpretation and so are most others..confused.

    Interesting to find it was about a balloon filght. Short videos needn't have an intro

    some lovely aerial shots and you didn't exploit them enough... oh how I'd like to do something like that!!! (fly in a balloon).

    Good forced focus,... good close ups and detailing,... bit of a mix of video images that go from the balloon flight to a wine yard?.. there is a connection but that needs to be explained./

    Keep the balloon photos and film together........

    I like the Ken burns effect on the photos.........

    why no names or titling of the folk in the photographs???

    At 6.22 those pictures do not fit. What are you trying to say by them?????

    Wine grapes and a balloon in fight the pictures do not tell a story........ however watching the whole thing it sort of makes sense.....
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    @TFV -
    Again .. really appreciate your words of advice and the time spent actually looking at this video. In the end I think it was a decent video, but you are absolutely right about every critique you pointed out .. many of them I felt the same way
    as I was putting it all together. I'm learning some lessons the hard way right now when it comes to editing and story telling. Some of which could have been avoided and listening to what you wrote just reaffirmed what I felt, but I just didn't
    listen to myself!! Thanks for putting everything in perspective!! Your advice is very much appreciated and I will learn (eventually) from this!

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    It was nicely shot BUT it didn't really serve and a promo piece for the businesses involved or as a record of someones day out. It looked like it was an attempt to do both but that should be two separate videos.

    It's always great to have aerial shots in a video.

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