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    Looked really exciting. My only crit is that you had a good build up and middle bit but then it ended very abruptly.

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    As Midnight said, it ends without a conclusion. Who won? Where is the awards ceremony?
    Or failing that the shots of teh guys packing up their bikes, removing their kit and driving off into the evening?

    Other than that I found the beginning a bit disjointed.
    I liked the opening shot, but thought would have been better without the "pan" as this required an operator and, unfortunately, an operator's shadow. This might be better accomplished with either two cameras (facing in oposite directions) or by shooting it twice.
    Then we had the silly statements which I suppose are necessary for this sort of video "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" - Oh come on! But I suppose I can live with that

    Then the ident which I thought went on a bit long - long enough for the "music" to be more than a jingle, but ot long enough to be a whole tune.

    The that's cut off as we have the obligatory "scene setting" montage, complete with obligatory metal music. I don't know whether this was deliberate or not, but this section had a lot of far more poorly shot than the rest of the video. There seemed to be no real evidence of any consideration being given to composition here and there was some rather amateur feeling zooming and hosing.

    Perhaps it was meant to have an amateur "gritty realism" look.

    I don't think the section really added anything and the cut to the then "epic" section didn't really work.

    I wasn't really sure about the music for this section, but I thought the high contrast B&W look was excellent (The opening sky shots wheren't as strong as the other shots and I thought maybe added to the disjointed feel).

    The rack focus between the riders boot and the bike should have been an outstanding shot, but I'm afraid didn't quite work for me as the boot starts in focus, goes out of focus, then back into focus before focus is redirected to the bike - as if when trying the rack focus the operator turned thedial the wrong way first? Shame.

    The adding of a splash of colour with the goggles worked really well and I'm delighted that you didn't overdo this. Similarly the yellows/oranges you added to accompany the kick-start were only there briefly, but made a fantastic transition into the full colour section.

    I liked the shakiness you added at places in post. I thought there wree a couple of instances of unnecessary crossing of the line. I'm not sure if we were meant to be following any partiular rider, if so it was lost on me, but this sequence was fairly exciting for a while. It's just a shame it didn't lead to any sort of conclusion.


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