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Thread: Dead Infection - Episode 2 (Short film)

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    Default Dead Infection - Episode 2 (Short film)

    Hey everyone,

    May remember me from posting episode 1. Episode 2 is now out. Take a look and tell me what you think please.


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    I see many improvements from your first video. I enjoyed watching this, even though the story is a little slow and "seemingly" without direction in this stage of the series. It might help if you drop a hint as to what the over all goal is apart from just surviving the zombies. I'm not a big fan of the washed out look but think this is an exception as it fits with the bleak story.

    As you seem to have got a good handle on the technical side of making a movie, the next thing to look at is the talent, unfortunately this is a trick thing to over come. They are a mixed bunch some are better than others. I know you will feel very protective of them, just as I would if they were my team but you have to stand back a little and try and be objective as a director. It's not that they are doing a bad job by any means, but I think they could be better in places.

    Perhaps as they get more experience they will naturally improve but I don't think when you look back, that you want to know the first thee of the series isn't as good as the last three. So it's up to you to get the actors to be consistent. You can sometimes over come a badly delivered line in editing but try as a director when you are on the set doing another million things, not to give up on a scene until you know you have got the performance you are looking for.

    The only other thing I can think of is to may be cut down on the long shots a little. Once you have established the scene get in close.

    By the way, I would have been proud to have made this, as you and your crew should be. I don't want to try and come across as an experience professional because I'm not. I'm just a guy with an opinion and hopes this opinion will help.

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    Thanks alot for your feedback & time Midnight Blue.

    I have recently come to the conclusion that i rush when i am filming sometimes. Because people are doing it for free i get abit worried about taking up their time. However today im going to sit down and talk to the Main actor who does the script and helps me out. Going to go over what we can do to make it better, which as you have said is rushing scenes when they are not done properly, its my main problem i need to overcome.

    I feel at first the walking scene was about a 60 seconds too long, i could feel that people would lose interest on that scene.

    As for the story, episode 3 shows alot and the main goal of everyone. Something we have yet to show.

    Im going to make sure the acting is consistent and be more strict about the acting.

    Thanks for all you advice again, everything has been taken on board and im glad to know that you feel the same way as me.

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    Just to give you one technical specific - watch the auto exposure. The shot immediately after the title at 1:19 should be a nice "reveal" as the camera moves around the tree, but it is spoiled by a horrendous "bloom" as the camera moves from the darkness behind the tree to the brightness of the open field.
    When you have a shot such as this, switch to manual expose for the important shot (ie the soldier) and lock it at that. The tree will be underexposed but it doesn't matter, you will reveal the soldier, perfectly exposed.

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