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Thread: Buying advice: Which editing-software for my needs and hardware-specs?

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    Default Buying advice: Which editing-software for my needs and hardware-specs?

    Hey there,
    working on a
    - HP G62 notebook with an AMD Ahtlon II dual core 2.1ghz
    - 3gb RAM
    - Vista 7 64-bit

    Got around 150 clips (each one around 30seconds), which I have to trim/cut/paste... in 1 big clip of around 5mins. + adding some effects, etc...

    Right now, I am working with Windows Movie Maker but...
    - WMM crashes quite often while trimming and adding effects. Guess the program is just not made for this big work?
    - WMM doesn't have much effects, and the effects are not adjustable...

    So, .. I am looking for more 'professional' software, but wondering which one would run smooth enough on my laptop, and is able to do the things I want.

    Any advice?

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    If you're editing HD footage it's more likly to be a hardware problem. WMM is limited but it is free. I think you might like Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum. It's only around 60 and will do a lot more than WMM.

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    FWIW, I wonder if the crashing is hardware as MB hinted at?
    Vegas studio is very powerful and yr PC is pretty close to min spec. but OP doesn't state what Video card is present ... one suspects it's an integrated set-up which will steal RAM. This probably means there isn't enough left. hence the crashes. I'm not sure but doesn't using 64-bit halve the memory? Perhaps OP included this factor and actually has 6G.

    BTW I bought Vegas Studio 10 Production suite for 34 - this is Studio plus DVD Architect ( & another steep learning curve!) and SoundForge. Oddly the "suite" was cheaper from Amazon, than the basic program..... However, as Studio 11 is out(60 I think), supplies of 10 may be more difficult to find.

    Studio 11 adds some 3D import/export and 50p - DYOR

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    WMM crashes less once I converted all clips to wmv.

    Here are the specs (in dutch, sorry) of my laptop: - Internet's Best Online Offer Daily!

    what about Corel Video Studio Pro?

    Newbie question again, but isn't there software that will work on an older laptop without crashes, but just slower?

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    There are things you can do in Vegas to help a weak machine get by I don't know about Corel Video Studio I've never used it. I would never recomend a note book for editing video. I would only ever recomend a PC. Some people can edit video on a lap top but if you intend to edit HD video I would always go for a PC.

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