Now then......
I'm trying to video commercial (disco) lighting effects using moving light type things. Moonflower etc. The kind oth lights that project various spinning patterns on to walls and floors in Disco's etc.
Simply projecting them on to a wall etc is unnacceptable so I am using a Cini Transfer box.
I set up the light shining directly into the Cini Transfer box which hits the miirror and is reflected on to the small screen of the box.
Now with some drastic lens adjustment I can get the full effect of the light (lots of coloured light shapes circling around) to display on the screen of the Box beutifully and with pinpoint focus!.. Its Lovely!!!
I set up my Canon XF100 next to the box. 0.5m away from the screen as this is the maximum distance I can go in order to be able to zoom so that the screen of the Telecini box fills the frame.
The resultant footage is blurred and looks a bit streaky. I have tried all kinds of Iris, focus, ND, gain settings etc but I just cant seem to get the image to focus properly.
Any Ideas you clever people??