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Thread: Camera trick?

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    Default Camera trick?

    Hey guys, Im doing a bit of video camcorder stuff for a hobby (possibly progress further) and I when I watched an episode of bones I noticed this camera trick / edit at 1:17 - 1:27.

    Does anyone have any insight to how its done? I dont know if I'm on the right lines of whether its a professional camera used at certain points edited well, or if its just one close shot then edited with cg zoom.

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    I would imagine that the sniper is against a green screen and the city/crane and everything else is just created digitally. Just a guess from taking a look at it.
    Keller Nunley
    KS Films

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    I would put money on it being as Keller has said.

    Have a look at this...

    mind-boggling isn't it?

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    And they say the camera never lies. lol

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