Hi there,

First I hope I am in the right forum section.

I encoutered a strange problem while doing a little movie project.

I made a Final composition in after effects with that settings:
I used the preset PAL D1/DV 16:9
With: 720
Height: 576

Pixel Aspect Ratio is on D1/DV PAL 16:9 (1,46)

I rendered the movie and it seems fine on my computer (tested on a 4:3 and 16:9 monitor).

Now I brought this movie to Encore cs5 and made a DVD out of it.
And tested it on a 4:3 TV Screen and a 16:9 Flat TV screen. On my 4:3 TV on the left and on the right there is something missing.
On the 16:9 Flat TV there is something missing on all 4 sides.

Tested it with a DVD recorder and a Panasonic DVD player and made all sorts of setting adjustements but nothing did help.

Does anyone has an idea how to fix that ?

Thanks for your help