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Thread: Title Justified Right?

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    Default Title Justified Right?

    Hello Everyone,
    First off this is my first post here so if this is in the wrong thread please be forgiving. Secondly, I just kind of wanted to get a consensus from you guys.

    To Start a little background info;
    I'm editing a piece that has a decent amount of "talking heads" in it, hence a decent amount of title placards. The majority of them are looking left or center screen so i've been placing the titles to the left. Just ran into one thats looking right, and want to keep them that way (ie no flipping perspective) so that when they fade on it isn't a "face-to-face" fade... anyways long story short the title needs to be on the lower right... My boss thinks the text should be justified right.. because its on the right... i think it looks horiable...

    what do you guys think?

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    A screen shot might help us judge better.

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    Default screen shots

    title placard 1.jpgtitle placard 2.jpg

    I know it's sort of a silly thing to argue over but i really would like another (or 100) opinion(s)

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    I agree with you it looks better justified to the left. You could go for a compromise and centre it.

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    It looks fine justified right. If all the captions were lower right and justified right it would look fine. However, if you've got most left and justifield left, it will look strange.
    If this is a typical example, you have so much space below, I'd see no reason why you shouldn't caption this lower left - as per the rest of teh captions. If the caption regularly appears on te left then you do an odd one to the right, this draws attention to it.

    Why not go for a lower third across the whole screen (this doesn't mean the text has to go right across - it can still be three lines justified left, but will look more consistent.

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    I agree with Tim in that you should put it to the lower left of the screen as with the others, and that it would look better with a full lower third graphic but still with the text to the left.

    If you are going to go with it as is, then I agree with your boss, right justified for sure.


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