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Thread: Issues with Sony Vegas HD rendering.

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    Default Issues with Sony Vegas HD rendering.

    I'm new here, so I do apologize in advance if I have posted in the wrong forum. I am having issues with my Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0. I've had the program for about a year now and haven't had very many issues with rendering until I had reformatted my computer. I have installed all correct codec, Divx, etc; I removed a stick of 2G RAM out of my computer, because it was faulty and causing BS's. Anyway - After the reformat, I've had nothing but issues with rendering into HD quality.

    Here is an example of what I've done before:
    The Beauty Of WoW Part I - YouTube
    WoW Machinima Tool Effects Test - YouTube

    I have attached the files for what I'm currently getting, as well as my render and project properties settings. It almost looks as if I've added too much contrast, but I certainly haven't. This is raw footage without any video FX. All I added was the blurred border, which I assume that shouldn't cause any issues with the actually quality of the video.

    These are my computer specs, as I'm sure they would be useful:
    AMD Phenom 9150e Quad Core 1.80GHz
    2.00 GB RAM
    64 - Bit OS
    Nvidia 9800 GT video card

    At this point, I've tried everything I can do. I've used my previous settings that I had before I reformatted my computer and I still get the same quality. I have bought FRAPS over a year ago and the quality of the recorded footage has never been bad. I record properly in 29.97FPS. I did notice that when I installed it after refomatting, the files were being converted to AVI. But previously they were WMV format. I know that taking AVI files and then rendering them into WMV format cause really cause the quality to become bad. But I've tried everything to compress and convert.. and I have found no solution. If anyone knows how I can fix this problem, that would be great. I'm currently swamped with projects that are way over due and I cannot work like this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Reads like you know yr onions, but you didn't quote the OS.

    FWIW - isn't 2G RAM on the Very-Low side of enough?
    Although I don't suppose this is the cause of yr video sure will affect Render times and Preview accuracy.

    I like the colour thumbnail....

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