I picked up the Pinnacle Ultimate Movie Box this weekend. It has the 710-USB capture device. But I am having a problem with it. I am using my work laptop to capture home VHS movies to convert to avi files. The import (capture) function will not work on my laptop due to folder redirection (my docs files are on the network) and it required for my work. My personal desktop at home is fast enough to encode and gets jumpy video. The Video editing software works fine. So I was wondering if there are third party apps that captures/import from the Pinnacle 710 to get it to an avi file. I have done quite a bit of converting file format but this is my first at capturing. Does anyone have any software recommendations? The VHS tapes about 4-6 hours long if that makes a difference. All I want to do is get the VHS tapes to AVI and then I can do the rest from there.