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Thread: 2 vids on 1 screen? please help

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    Default 2 vids on 1 screen? please help

    Hi, I just bought the Sony Vegas 10 Pro and I need some help. I play the drums and I record myself playing. I use two cameras to get two different views, and I'd like both cameras in the one video. But I'd like one of the cameras to be small and in the bottom left corner. Like this

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    I'm sure you can find lots of tutorials on YouTube for "Picture in Picture" or "split screen" or even do a search on this forum. It's easy to do put one track below the other on the time line. You use the pan/crop tool to size the image on the upper track.

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    The best way I've found out how to do this, is exactly what Midnight said. You'll want to put them both on different tracks. Typically the one on video overlay will be the one you want in the upper corner. Pan/Crop tool to make it smaller, then go into Video FX and click on Cookie Cutter Picture - In - Picture INTO the video you want in the corner. The video you want on the top WITH the effect NEEDS to be on the overlay. Play with the borders.. you can change the thickness of it and also the color. Very simple, but can be difficult for people that have just bought the program to try and figure out. Hope this helps.

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