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    Hi everybody!
    This is actually the first complex video I've ever made

    Thanks for watching!

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    I quite enjoyed that. You'd put a quite a bit of thought into it and had a good mix of fairly rapidly cut together shots in the studio as well as a few different locations outside.
    With a little help it could have looked much better though.
    Some of the exterior shots were not ideally framed - look to get the eyes 2/3 of the way up and the nose line 1/3 in from the left or the right. You could also do with a reflector or something to reduce the harshness of the shadoews on the face on occasions.
    But far more importantly, the "look" of the studio shots is really bland. Far too clinical. The content is quite good (as stated above) though a few extreme close-ups wouldn't go amiss (fingers on fretboard, mout only of singer) but the problem is the colour and the blandness of the environment. If you can't get a more exciting environment, you might consider more interesting lighting. Reduce the background to a minimum and light only the performers. Just some coloured lights might add a bit of interest. With the current footage, I don't think you can do much, but if you increase the saturation in the reds and yellows somewhat, even this will liven it up a little.

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    Sorry I didn't like it as much as Tim did. The whole thing cames across as a little bland. From the images to the editing. It needs a bit of something to lift it. It lacked any wow factor.

    I'll give you an example of what I mean. The opening shot of the sea was nice but needed levelling as it dips to the left. Then you cut to the shot of the singer on the beach which is ok but it's a very lazy shot, it showed a lack of imagination, I would have chosen a much more interesting angle to shoot him from, perhaps putting the camera at ground level. Then the acoustic guitar starts which sounded a bit out of tune. Then cut back to the singer at the same angle this should have been different to the first angle and this is the sort of thing that gives more interest to a video.

    I can't analyse the whole thing but I hope you see what I'm getting at. It's not a particularly bad video just not great.

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    Thanks very much for such detailed comments! I've never done anything like that before and therefore appreciate your advices. I can see now how silly the mistakes are.
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    EDIT: I've stepped in and moved this to its own thread - I presume you didn't really intend it to be added to someone elses.
    Yes, my bad... Thanks a lot


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