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    Hi guys, I'd like to introduce what is really my first film. I wont even call it an amateur film because it isn't as good as that. I'm not a videographer and I don't sport any decent equipment. This film is really two journeys, our riding holiday in the Alps, and my own creative journey.
    Once the footage was safely tucked onto HDD, and it was time to start editing, I learnt a valuable lesson; that Pinnacle HD 14 sucks. I'd gotten this from work (the media department at the school where I teach) uses P.HD, however it was thoroughly unable to cope with my 720p60fps footage. Out to the local IT shop, and home with Sony Vegas Platinum 10. Thankfully, I could install this away from the limited capacities of my Pinnacle sporting laptop, and onto the more potent HTPC.
    It's taken me around 28 hours to edit - with the final 3-4 minutes being left hardly touched. The credits roll before the final section because I wanted to seperate it from the parts of the film that I actually spent a lot of time over. These clips also didn't really fit anywhere else, but they needed to be included as it's our holiday memorablia.
    I would of course appreciate any advice and tips (but you don't need to comment on the final section - I really didn't think about it that much). Also, check out two people in the credits from VF I've thanked

    So here it is; One Loose Crank - Nose Kills in the Alps.

    <object width='500' height='281'><param name='allowFullScreen' value='true' /><param name='allowScriptAccess' value='always' /><param name='movie' value='' /><embed src='' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' width='500' height='281' allowFullScreen='true' allowScriptAccess='always'></embed></object><p><a href="">The Alps, Summer 2011</a> on <a href=""></a></p>

    (any tips on embedding the video?
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    Blimey! I'm impressed with the riding - not necessarily the obvious stunts but riding along the narrow split tree trunks is pretty awesome (OK I'm far too old to say that).
    Stop knocking yourself. Yes, you've got plenty to learn (haven't we all), but there are plenty who will make a far less interesting film than you. Be proud to be an amateur in its literal sense - one who does it for love. You clearly fit into that category.
    I was frankly staggered at the results the ZX5 can get.
    The film is far far far too lomg for general interest, but is just about the right length for the guys who went.
    I reckon you could make a pretty good 4-5 min film for the rest of us from thatc footage.
    I'm glad I watched - I nearly gave up with all that wind noise at the beginning. Kill it. No need.
    I thought the bits where you went to lesss than full screen didn't add anything. Still, at least bo horrible transitions!
    Just a few random thoughts anyway.

    Tim Sta

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    I think you've made an excellent video, perfect for it's purpose. I liked that you have been reading the forums and used what you have learnt. It has all the elements needed, a good narrative, close ups, long shots, slow mo, etc. blood, sweat, rain and some wow factor from the riding and jumps. Some of those drops were insane.

    Like Tim, I think the length is to much for the casual viewer but for those who went on the trip or even mountain biking enthusiasts it's just right. I think you've captured some good images and the moment well and you can't wish for much more than that. An excellent idea of Tim's to make a short (YouTube) version of around 4 mins. This will be great practise for your editing and with the footage you have I'm sure you could make a very nice video.

    Be proud of what you have achieved with this video.

    Well done.

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    Cool thanks guys. I might work on a more polished one song short concentrating on the better shots. It's come out as a polished home movie to remember the holiday by. I'm very pleased with the quality of the footage of the little Kodak. Anyway, glad you liked! I'll pop up the next bits I edit.

    Tim Sta - glad you spotted your name in the credit roll I only realised what it had done after the finale render.

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    perfect for what it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mammoth View Post
    perfect for what it is

    Cheers mammoth

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    Hi, I read the replies before adding my own, and I think Tim has the same thoughts as me on this. Stunned that a 125 camera can produce such clear results!

    What I didn't 'get' though is why the scenes with the bikes on a car seemed to be spread throughout the video? Did you keep packing up & moving somewhere else? For example at 1:10 you are strapping a bike to a chairlift and the very next shot the bikes are back on a car again.

    To summerise mine (and therefore Tim's thoughts ) I have bullet pointed below:

    1. Edit it down to 5 minutes max - too long for anybody not on the holiday.
    2. Try to organise the clips to make the interspersed driving clips make more sense.
    3. Lose the small screen in large screen effect - doesn't add anything for me.

    Very good job though!

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