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Thread: Web-TV : Follow a six month trip in Asia !

  1. Default Web-TV : Follow a six month trip in Asia !

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Florian, I'm 21, I'm new here and I'm am found of video (from shooting to editing). I'm not good enough to become a director I think, but I practice video at my own level and take a huge pleasure in doing this.

    I have just created a kind of web-tv about a six month trip in East Asia. On this website, you can follow trips, portraits, cities, clips, places, parties, etc...

    I hope you will enjoy it !

    Any feedback is welcomed and would help me a lot in my project.

    See you soon

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    Here is the website :

    And one of the videos :

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    All credit to you for trying something different with your approach. As the series continues I suspect you will get a better feel for what works and what doesn't. In my opinion some of the more unusual shots work whereas some don't. I quite like her sitting at the table where most of the screen is filled with the white of the tablecloth, for example, but there are just as many I don't like. Too many shots just appear more to be stuff whre you were adjusting the camera rather than having any artistic merit. For example the closing down the exposure after about half asecond in the shot at 1:01 just seems like bad editing; the coming into focus at 3:10 would be a really nice shot - if you came into focus in one smooth shot; teh adjusting the exposure at 0:30 looks unplanned; and what is the focus stuff at around 2:00??? There is also some camera judder in the early shots which really stands out f one watches full screen as the HD format tempts one to do.

    From a structure point of view, I think it would be good to have some real shots of the talent dancing really early on. We don't really get any even later - just mid shots and close-ups - it would be nice to see the whiole body dancing in some way that we can realte to dancing. As it is, she does rather come across as a "performance artist" with no real talent.

    You also need to sort out the sound. There is not enough separation between her voice and teh ambient sound. Get a mic close to the subject.

    I'm sorry if this seems negative - it's not really intended that way. I see this series as having potential and I'm all for encouraging experimentation. The experiments will get better, I'm sure. The sound, however is a fundamental and needs improving.

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    By the five minute mark I was screaming at the screen "Stop talking! Just show us some dancing!"

    Then we had less than a minute of dancing and that was it.

    Some good stuff, a few interesting shots but it lacked content. I'm afraid that she's not enough to carry the film on her own.

    All the rest has been said by Tim.

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    I think Tim has covered most things. I did like the opening shot but it would have been great to see her dancing before she starts talking. There was a lot of "filler stuff" which just meant you don't have enough things of interest to even keep you interested in the story. The worst example was the jump cuts sitting at the tables.

    Nice image quality when they are in focus etc.

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    Thanks for your feedbacks that are so professional !

    I agree with all the things that have been said. And indeed, the dancing scene really comes to late : I didn't have so many shoots but I wanted to keep them for a climax at the end... About the exposure and light at 0:30, it was unplanned yes, but on the moment I really liked it because it was fitting with the accomplishment of her sentence.

    Concerning the sound : it was my very first time with a microphone, so I will follow your advice for the coming videos

    Thanks you again for your feedbacks, see you soon everybody

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    I hope you're all fine since our last talk

    I just uploaded a new video about Malaysia and Perhentian Island. I tried something new this time, in a kind of "documentary" way, but it was not as easy as I was expected... So the video is quite shaky ! Whatever, this is the way one learns new things I guess

    So here it comes :

    Compared to the previous video this one is really lower on a pure technical aspect, but on the other hand this one is much more sincere...

    Episode 2 and 3 of this trip in Malaysia will be released very soon. But since I have not started the editing yet, your comentaries are welcomed and will help me a lot again !

    If you wanna have a look at the website :

    See you all

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    I liked this one more than the other one. If the next video has already been shot then the best advice I can give you is to be really tough when choosing the clips to use in editing. If you don't think it looks very good other people will probably think the same. Editing is as much about what you leave out as it is what you put in a film.

    I was watching a tutorial video the other night that might be of interest to you.

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    Thanks fot the video tips Midnight Blue, I tried to apply some of them in my last video.

    So this is a new episode about Perhentian Islands, and this time this is about discovering a local fishermen village. I tried to developp the "documentary" aspect with an off-screen voice more present, but editin sound still remains difficult for me...!

    Whatever, here is the video, hope you will enjoy it :

    I'm still looking for feedbacks and will release the last episode by the end of the week,

    Have a good day, see you all

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    I thought this was very good in that it seemed to give a real flavour of the village. The mixture of the poverty but the joy in the children worked well.

    Looks like you are having fun on your journey.

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