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Thread: How to edit/create a music video ?

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    Question How to edit/create a music video ?

    Hi all !

    I've noticed many exprienced/veteran users around, and just wanted to ask them how to create a music vid within PowerDirector9 ?
    Couldn't find anything worthwhile on Google !

    Is it difficult to synchronize the music track with a specific part of the video, 'cause I want the mouvement of the lips to coincide with the song...


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    This depends a lot on how you go about filming it. If your talking about a singer miming along to a backing track, it depends a lot on how good he is at miming. You can move the visuals along to try and fit with the music. I would recomend you have lots of shots that you can cut to when the singer doesn't get it right. Shoot from all angles and distances throughout the song.

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