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Thread: Using a Panasonic PVR (DMR-850) as a Blu-Ray Burner

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    Default Using a Panasonic PVR (DMR-850) as a Blu-Ray Burner

    OK - I'm a learner and this may sound a little strange. I can't afford a Blu-Ray burner for my PC @ the moment, but I have a Panasonic DMR-850 PVR which accepts SDHC cards from my Lumix TZ10 camera and quite happily shows the AVHCD-Lite videos I have shot and will save them to the hard-disc and burn to a Blu-Ray blank. What I want to do is to edit these movies first on my PC using Sony Vegas Studio HD 10 and then transfer the resultant MTS into the "Stream" directory on an SDHC card, so that the DMR-850 will think it is a valid clip from the camera and import it. So far no luck. The DMR-850 simply wont see these files (i've been using the MainConcept MP4 AAC H264 codec for rendering). Any ideas you knowledgeable folks out there, or is what I am trying to do just impossible and I should save for a Blu-Ray burner for my PC ?


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    This is what I'd do - get a blank SDHC card, copy Camcorder files via the PC and try burning the "Copy SDHC". If that works, then there is no reason you can't slip-in an Edit or two.

    I don't know, but suspect your BlueRay m/c needs part of the card-list to make sense of the files, so they are in the right order, perhaps.

    If your "Copy SDHC" doesn't work (which I suspect) - then delve into the folders. The Camcorder SDHC cards come with a lot of "extra" that the clue?

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