Right I pretty much need EVERYTHING; Monitor, OS, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, the entire PC, etc.
Here is a build I have come up with... If there is a better possible build please comment!!!
P.S. It is for college so If you can find a laptop with similar/better specs maybe link it?

CASE: NZXT M59 Black mid tower 50.67
OPTICAL DRIVE: LG Blu-ray and DVD combo 39.99
CARD READER: All in one card reader 6.57
PSU: Antec 650w modular 64.98
CPU: Intel core I5 2500k 161.13
SPEAKERS: Logitech Speakers 14.99
PERIPHERALS: Keyboard + mouse 5.99
CPU COOLER: Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus 21.88
OS: Windows 7 home prem. 71.99
MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H Intel Z68 Rev b3 119.99
GPU: GTX 460 768mb GDDR5 89.99
WIRELESS Net-card: TP-Link 300mps 20.39
RAM: Mushkin 8gb COPPER HEAD 1600mhz 53.99
STORAGE: samsung f3 1tb 39.30
MONITOR: 22" LG FLATRON E2260V-PN 126.20

A huge thank you inadvance, oh and sorry for it being all jjumbled up :/