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Thread: MediaMotos - Capturing Footage On the Move From a Motorcycle

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    Hi All,

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this so apologies if not.

    We came across these forums and wanted to introduce ourselves to you. We are a very unique UK based company specialising in providing specifically adapted motorcycles to the TV and media industry. We ride the bike, you get the shot!

    Our new web site has recently gone live at MediaMotos | Motorcycles and 4x4's for the TV & Media Industry

    You can also find us on Twitter to find out what we are currently shooting - Twitter - @mediamotos

    MediaMotos provide motorcycles, quads and 4x4's to carry camera crew for any purpose where filming on the go is required. We specialise in providing our motor for sports events such as road based cycle racing, marathons, fun runs etc.but we also have experience of acting as tracking vehicles on film sets and advertising shoots.

    You may have seen footage captured from our motos on BBC, ITV4 Eurosport and Sky Sports.

    There are very few companies that provide this type of service in the UK, so if you ever come across a shoot where you need a facility such as this then you know where to find us

    Please feel free to get in touch with any questions. We'd love to get your feedback as photographers and camera crew on what we do.

    The MediaMotos Team
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