While overseas I inadvertently (!) bought an NTSC video camera (JVC Everio GZ-HM670), only to find that when I get back to the UK my trusty video recorder (Toshiba RD-XV48DT) doesn't recognise it, says "This recording is not allowed to be recorded".

But WHY i thought it would be OK is that the video recorder plays NTSC shop-bought DVDs absolutely fine! So is there any technical reason why it should read NTSC DVDs OK but not be able to process NTSC AV input, or is the machine just being difficult to stop one using cheaper cameras from abroad?

In any case, anyone suggest a solution? I've heard that using my PC to convert the video to PAL may lose quality and anyway is time consuming...

If I get a new telly which is able to accept NTSC AV input directly, will the video recorder be able to record 'what the TV sees'?

Any advice gratefully accepted
(or anyone wanna swap a nice new NTSC video camera for a similar spec PAL one??)