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    Does anyone know how to the effect when the sky moves quickly and sometimes they use cars and trees. My teacher in school told me to use time intervals on a camera but, my camera can only do it every thirty seconds. I was wondering if I should just film something over night but it would waste so much tape. This effect is in the beginning of one of the videos on this site. It was on the 9th page. Thanks.

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    Timelapse is the name of the effect.

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    I'm not sure if I'm doing it right though. Becuase as I previously stated that it only records every thirty seconds. My camera is a Sony DCR-TRV260.

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    Well, every 30 seconds sounds ok to me. Shootig one frame every 30 seconds would equate to about a 1 hour period taking about ten seconds (in the UK) to run - 120 frames. For one of those shots compressing all day across a cityscape even that would be too slow.

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    Are you saying that your camera only records for 30 seconds, or the longest interval you can set it to capture a shot is every 30 seconds?

    As Alan said, taking 1 shot every thirty seconds would mean 1 hour would equate to around 10 seconds but if you found the effect was too slow or too fast, you could always adjust the video's speed and duration depending on what software you were using to edit your footage. It's easy enough to adjust the duration in most programmes, iMovie, Premiere, Final Cut Pro etc. and this would give you the effect you're talking about and at the speed you require.

    Hope that helps.

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