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    Default Flying objects towards the viewer


    I want to make a video where several of objects (images) would be flying towards the viewer, similarally to this Swoopo Tutorial - US - YouTube (the part between 18th and 22nd second, should start there automatically). Is that possible in Vegas Pro and if so, are there any tutorials for it? Thanks.
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    It's very easy.

    Place an element on the timeline. Click the 'Track Motion' Icon in the track control box and in the track motion window you're able by using keyframes and grab handles on the box in the window to manipulate the position of that element any way you want.

    The default setting is Source Alpha, but if you look there's even a 3d Source Alpha option allowing you to flip, rotate and play to your hearts content.

    Tip. The position bar at the bottom is where you can mark in Keyframes that dictate at what point in time the position you've set will occur.

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    Thanks a lot. But how do I make the images leave the screen like they do in the video?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dx3 View Post
    But how do I make the images leave the screen like they do in the video?
    As Andy says, make sure you have enabled "3D Source Alpha" then adjust the "Z" parameter to move the camera into/out of the image.
    Your different images need to be on diffferent tracks with different "Z" axis poarameters.

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    Another way is to take a look at some of the transitions. There is one I used recently where the text moves forward and off the screen, I can't remember it's name.

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    Don't forget that, as you'd be wanting to convince the viewer of the apparent 3D quality of a flying element, you maybe disappointed. 3D track motion dies NOT mean an element will take on a 3D aspect, you'd still only be manipulating a 2D video, ie FLAT, in a 3D space. To get anywhere near a convincining 3D liberated flying object would mean having to video the solid item in such a way to be able to convert THAT into the Veags 3D space. Not good.... Text works fine. Why? Because it has no thickness.

    Just be aware to be disappointed with the results. Track motion is no way a substitute fir a proper 3D graphics compositing tool.


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