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Thread: crowbar a dialogue box out of the UI

  1. Default crowbar a dialogue box out of the UI

    Right after my last question, I started adding some text over the video. The dialogue box where I inputted the text to display was over the preview, so I moved it over to the left and now it's jammed good and solid in the little box where you can select things from, like clips or transitions. How do I crowbar it outta there!?


    (This really simple problem is infuriating me )

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    Along the left hand side of the dialog box which has docked, towards the top, there is a column of dots. Click and drag that column and you will again be able to release the dialog box and drag it to wherever you want.

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    Got it. Really snaps into everything don't it!

    Still, it's a lot better then Pinnacle.

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