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Thread: Track motion problems

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    Default Track motion problems

    When I'm trying to rotate stuff with track motion, I can't get it to always rotate in one direction.

    How do I lock it rotating one direction?

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    It will rotate in the direction you tell it to - ie set a keyframe, move along the Track Motion timeline and create a new keyframe by rotating the circle clockwise, when you play the sequence, your image will rotate clockwise between these two points. It can start to get a bit more tricky to work out what's going on if you then create keyframes between these two.

    What you have to remember is that each keyframe remembers the amount of rotation in relation to no rotation at all, not in relation to the previous keyframe.

    So assume at time=0 you have a keyframe with no rotation.
    At 10 secs create a new keyframe and rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise.
    Play the sequence - the image rotates evenly (if you've kept the keyframes as "linear") through 90 degrees clockwise.

    Now set a keyframe at 5 secs (the image will at this point be rotated through 45 degrees clockwise).
    At this keyframe rotate the image clockwise by another 90 degrees. - the image is now at 135 degrees rotation clockwise.

    Now play the sequence.

    The image will start off upright and rotate clockwise during the first 5 seconds to 135 degrees. This is what you would expect.
    During the next five seconds tough it will rotate back to the position which is 90 degrees clockwise (as this is the position stored in the keyframe at 10 secs) To do this it has to rotate anti-clockwise as it is already at 135 degrees clockwise.

    So, you have introduced an anti-clockwise rotation by only making keyframes using clockwise rotations!

    The easiest way to deal with this is always to look at the "rotation" value on the left hand side of the track motion window. 0 is straight up. Positive numbers are degrees from straight up in a clockwise direction, negative are number of degrees from straight up in a negative direction. Thus 0, -360 and +360 all look the same, as do -720 and +720 . However, the "journey" to those positions from whatever was set in the previous keyframe will be very different.

    If it's still not clear, try the 10 sec example I've descibed above.

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    That makes sense, thanks a lot!

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