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Thread: Problem ejecting cassette on Canon MVX150i

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    Default Problem ejecting cassette on Canon MVX150i

    As of recently my Canon MVX150i camcorder does not open the cassette tray. There is a fully recorded cassette in the tray and when I open the outer door to eject the cassette, the tray does move outwards, but it doesn't open the internal door, thus preventing me from having access to the cassette. It then waits for 5 or 6 seconds and then retracts the tray back. If I switch on the camcorder (either in camera or in play mode) it first says "REMOVE THE CASSETTE", followed by five beeps. After that there is "EJECT" sign blinking in the top right corner.
    All other functions (menus, zooming, focusing, ...) work well, so I assume there is some problem with some latch or sensor with respect to ejecting the cassette or even rewinding the tape, which is also impossible now.

    This is the first malfunction of the camcorder since I bought it 8 years ago!
    Is this a big failure? Is it something even I could try to repair by myself? If not, will it cost me a lot to have it repaired?

    Although I'm considering buying a new modern camcorder with HDD or SDHC storage, I still need a device for playing back those 100+ tapes I have recorded during last eight years.

    Your opinion is very much appreciated!

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    This isn't 100% going to work, but I've seen it save the day before in the past. Then the camera in question (Z1) went on to function normally, for as long as I was in contact with it's existence anyway.

    Fast forward the tape to the end, then rewind it to the start and try and eject again. It has to be worth a try.


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    Thank you David for your answer. Unfortunatelly, the camcorder does not rewind :-(. When the cassette tray comes out, I can hear a sound of something like the camcorder trying to do "something" (rewind/reposition the tape?). After not succeeding, it just retracts the tray back. Therefore I think it might be some latch that doesn't release and when predefined time passes, it gives up.

    After I posted the question, I continued to search for possible troubleshooting and came accross the following article:
    Troubleshooting Canon Video Cameras |
    It says in there:
    "...If you can hear something but the door won't open, gently push the door in several places in case it's simply a latch that won't release. If you don't hear anything, it could be a serious problem with the mechanism that loads your DVD or videotape..."

    I'm considering giving it a try, what do you think?

    (btw, in the US this camcorder was sold under the name "Optura 20")

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    If it was me I'd give it a try, but that's your decision. Sorry I can't help with repair questions (if it comes to that) other than of course it will cost you, how much I have no idea.


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    I tried, but to no avail. Seems like it will cost me some money in the end.

    Thanks anyway!

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