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Thread: how to add events and shuffle all else along

  1. Default how to add events and shuffle all else along

    Hi guys, I'm new to Sony Vegas Platinum 10 after fighting a loosing battle to get Pinnacle to work effectively with HD footage.
    So, I've now got a large number of events lined up though want to add something in the middle of my timeline. When I do, it puts it over the top of other events meaning I have to manually move everything else along to make room. How do I add a new event between other events and have the timeline move everything else along automatically?

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    Turn on Auto Ripple.

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    I err.... have to input more than 10 characters... so I can't just say thanks... so, how are you? Having a nice day? 'Midnight Blue' eh, very mysterious... reminds me of Aladdin. It's all Middle Eastern and mysterious. By the way, Robin Williams is epic in that film. Did you ever notice he played the market seller that introduces the film as well as the Genie? "Great quality gear, it'll never break!" /boink/ "...It broke..."
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    LOL Glad we had time to chat.

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