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Thread: Video Conversion is making me crazy with stripes and lines on converted footage

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    Default Video Conversion is making me crazy with stripes and lines on converted footage

    When I convert video from one format MP4 to AVI or MP2 for editing, I get lines and stripes as the camera moves. I have an example screenshot of this problem, and it is driving me crazy.

    I have used ISKYSOFT, and many other software types, also trying to edit in Premiere 1.5 and CS3. I do not know if it something from the software, because I have tried it on lots of differnt platforms.

    This particular case I am trying to convert MP4 high definition video from my camcorder to AVI or MP2 so that I can use it in Premiere Pro fro editing. Even without Premiere Pro, just the conversion using ISKYSOFT, the output file shows these lines.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    Try changing the field order. Having the wrong field order can cause this problem.

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    Hi, if I have a MP4 file, must the field order be changed before conversion, if so where can I modify this setting?

    I am not sure exactly where to do this.

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    I can't tell you how to change things because I've never used the software you have BUT I know if you have HD footage you should select Upper-filed first or if you have Standard definition footage you should select lower-field first. You could always try None/Progressive which should change the rendered footage from interlaced to progressive.

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