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Thread: How can I animate a writing pen nib with changing tip angle and width? SV Pro 10.0e

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    Default How can I animate a writing pen nib with changing tip angle and width? SV Pro 10.0e

    The question is as above. I wish to use a more-or-less straight pen nib, with a limited thickness and filed corners (aspect ratio, say, 1:20, filing corners for less than the entire thickness.) For an illustrative example: take a plain letter G (just the curve, then an inwards stroke.) I want to start writing it from the top, the calligraphic pen being tilted like / this. As I proceed towards the middle of the letter, the nib is to maintain width but turn, so by the middle of the letter G it is perfectly vertical, like | this. Going further, the pen nib turns even more, so by the end of the curve, it is tilted like \ this. From this point, I finish with a stroke horizontally towards the left -- no changing of pen angle anymore, but a progressive decrease in pen width, so that the stroke ends in a singular point.
    I have tried to bring the effect about in a number of ways but I have been unable to squeeze out anything even remotely similar to what I intended to do (results varied between laughable and eye-scratching). For this reason, I am asking the more experienced people here to give me an advice, or ideally, a sample file that contains both angle and width changes.
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    I'm amazed you can do anything like this with Vegas. I can't recommend any package as it's not a requirement I have, but Vegas is certainly not the right tool.

    EDIT: I guess you could do it in Vegas by having your completely formed letter G as youd media and then animating a mask to gradually expose the G. Not too tricky. I use this approach for animated routes on maps.
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