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Thread: Slow motion below .250

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    Default Slow motion below .250

    Slow motion is great, but the editor only allows you to go to .250 and anything below that is reset to .250.

    So, how do you make the video slower than that?

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    If you have the Pro version you can reduce the speed with the velocity envelope. If you have the Studio version you will have to slow it down render and then bring that render onto the time line to slow that down. Doing this can result in image quality loss.

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    So I would use playback rate, then use a velocity envelope to go farther down?

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    You could do but you may find the velocity envelope is slow enough. I think 1% of normal speed is very very slow. I found going below 10% on fast moving objects looks like a fast slide show rather than video. I suppose with the right footage you could go slower if that's what you want.

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    K, thanks, didn't realize velocity envelope could go that slow. I wouldn't do anything slower than 10% probably :P

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    you can reverse it as well, use the SHIFT with the mouse and you can draw the velocity envolope

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