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Thread: new video editing PC?

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    Default new video editing PC?

    looking to buy a new video editing PC and have a decent budget, found a site to customise it on Build Your Box | Custom PCs | Gaming PCs | Desktop Computers | Build Your PC but wanted to know which part of the PC i should concentrate on the most CPU, RAM or graphics?? thanks for your help

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    It kind of depends on which software you intend to use. If you will be using Premier CS5 this software takes advantage of CUDA graphics cards. BUT software like Sony Vegas doesn't to the graphics card is not so important for Vegas. I would go for a solid state drive for the OS and programs 120Gb if possible. Then one or two BIG drives for your media. Aim for an i7 level of processor with multi threading this is very important to edit HD and cuts down the rendering time. The amount of ram will depend on the processor ie jump in 2 Gb or 3's I would say 6 to 8Gb should be enough. Don't forget, if you want to make Bluray disks you will need a burner.

    I hope this general piece of advice helps.

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