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Thread: Need help - Visible timeline is too small

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    Default Need help - Visible timeline is too small

    (This is copy and pasted from yahoo answers where I first asked.)

    Hey I need help with a stupid problem I'm having with Sony Vegas. So you have the option to pick how much of the video you want to see at once. By dragging/changing that thing at the bottom underneath the videos. So in one inch of the video timeline you could either see 10 seconds or 3 minutes or whatever. I managed to get it stuck so that the minimum length I can see is 10 seconds. So the first time it tells you the current time after 00:00:00;00 is 00:00:10;00. So... ultimately a very small clip takes up a pretty big chunk of the screen.. The bar at the bottom is pulled out all the way and I've clicked on the minus sign as much as I could. I know I can shrink the video more because I've done it before but now for some reason I can't.

    Need help right away because I want to start working on a montage. I need to be able to see at least 5 minutes in that initially visible space without scrolling to the right. Please let me know what the problem is. Thanks

    - Chibigoat

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    Vegas is to videos what Photoshop is to stills... giving users about 1000 ways of wrecking their pictures. However you don't give much info as to what you've done apart from clicking the "minus" and "how long" this has been an issue. Also, it would help others to know which version you are using.

    (( Sorry, I'm not going to suggest anything, having been blasted here on another topic. ))

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