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Thread: anyone know anyone, who knows anyone in tv or film.....

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    Default anyone know anyone, who knows anyone in tv or film.....

    Just made another little short film
    ‪summer clover‬‏ - YouTube
    I know its not perfect but I like doing it a hell of a lot more than I like nursing
    Thing is I have been nursing 10 years nearly and I KNOW I could do something more creative. I would LOve to work in film or tv. I enjoy the sound and film side. I would love to make ads or nature programmes or at least be involved in it but moving in nursing circles I honestly do not have a clue where to even begin.
    I think if I don't try now I will regret trying to find work doing something I enjoy..
    Anyone got any tips or pointers?

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    You and 5,000 others a year feel exactly the same. The UNis are churning out wide eyed wannabees from their media courses every year with just the same dreams.
    Try the film festivals, and if it gets as far as being shortlisted you know you may have a glimmer of talent. Win one and you may come to the attention of someone who can help.
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    Don't rule out being a presenter Alex, I think you come across really well in your videos but to get to the hole grail the BBC Natural History Unit would probably take a miracle. You could always start off at one of the Sky natural history channels.

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    I was watching the video you linked to thinking about coming straight back here to recommend a tripod and for you to watch everything and anything by Gordon Buchanan. I can imagine you've probably seen him, he's your kind of film maker.

    Then I noticed your link to the video of the sea eagle on Mull with the deer, that rang a big bell with having been thinking of Gordon Buchanan.

    Watch this:

    If you haven't seen him before I think you'll become adicted.

    I watched some of your Mull/Sea Eagle clip until you even pointed out that you aren't using a tripod. This is a big no go with wildlife film making especially as a lot of the time you need extrememly long lenses.

    I can recommend this video as a great place to start off with camera work (and other stuff) in relating to shooting wildlife films.

    Wildlife Videography - Home

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    join World's Largest Professional Network | LinkedIn, if you're not already on it and then start joining the groups for TV and film professionals, then you can link to the members of those groups and then, you can ask your question directly to people at the cutting edge.

    Also impressive work without a tripod, keep it up.

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    thanks for the link, just joined Appreciate the heads up. I will try and navigate my way around there...

    Thanks also for the input...The only video I didn't use a tripod for was the Mull one. It was my holiday video..As I explain in the intro they are just my favourite shots... I realise its a no-no for pro work of course

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