I'm thinking of buying the Sony Nex VG-10. I had a question about lenses. I am definitely not that knowledgeable about lenses so I was hoping to get some expertise guidance from you guys!

The Sony Nex-VG10 comes with the E-mount 18-200mm zoom lens. However, I was wondering how that lens compares to the MINOLTA ROKKOR X 45 MM F/2.0 LENS. Of course they are different lenses for different shooting styles. I was just wondering if anyone could break it down in simple terms for me to understand. What kind of shooting is E-Mount for? Rokkor x45? And overall, if I want to be filming documentary style shots and interview type shots, what kind of lens should I get between the two? Or maybe I should use a totally different kind?

Any light shed on this topic would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all!